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Rocky Road Rage (Captain Softee Loses His Cool)


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Rocky Road Rage (Captain Softee Loses His Cool)
I think he mistook me for that kid who stole an ice cream bar off him last week; or perhaps he thought I was providing surveillance for the Russian mob he was in over his head with for popsicle financing; or else he just didn't want me documenting 'play time' in the back of his kid magnet. In any case, standing on a corner with a camera got my life threatened and numerous attempts of a boot being placed up my ass (I managed to stay a jump ahead of each attempt). If it wasn't so damn bizarre (aka so perfect for this site), I'd think it couldn't possibly be worth it. Funny thing is in the last shot you can see that the corner is monitored by a police why the hell am I the bad guy?...i really hate people sometimes.

West Village, NYC.

Cops aren't a fan of photography either.
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Mari on 06-03-2010 09:06:07 wrote:
Hey, the guy left his till unattended. You should have had an accomplice.
shitaki on 06-04-2010 08:06:27 wrote:
All great super heros have a side kick. Frozen treats must never be left unattended. Sgt Slushy was just hiding in the van.
John on 06-09-2010 07:06:05 wrote:
I have heard that these ice cream guys are very territorial, he may have thought you were doing surveillance for another ice cream truck.
shitaki on 06-14-2010 10:06:19 wrote:
Thanks John...yes...I too have heard the rivalry between the Mister Softee and Captain Softee factions gets pretty heated in the summertime...they hate each other more than the Bloods hate the Crips...though thank goodness the animosity isn't nearly as bad as that between the Jets and the Sharks.

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