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Plopps Everyday People Collector's Card #6

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Plopps Everyday People Collector's Card #6
Name:Agatha Crumbly
Age: 83
Occupations: Baker, Bank Teller, Librarian, Elementary School Teacher, Snack Food Baroness
Marital Status: Widowed
Children: None
Cats: 22
Fun Facts: Has lived in Manhattan over 50 yrs and likes to spend time in Chelsea Park where she has made up nicknames for all the pigeons who come by for bread crumbs.
Not so Fun Facts: Escaped to America fleeing oppression in her homeland in Eastern Europe; changed her name to Crumbly; doesn't hold a grudge. Made a fortune in baked goods in the late 60's but lost it all in the early 70's recession due to stagflation.
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