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For those of you from out of town...this is what a friendly neighborhood NYPD subway security checkpoint looks like.

In today's post I become part of the anti-terrorism process. Funny...I was just thinking how I've never seen anyone actually stopped at these checkpoints...and I was kind of happy...well not about the waste of resourses. Anyway, that's what I get for talking smack about police practices. Good thing is they were pretty gentle compared with my last confrontation. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a big fan of having my personal liberties stolen from me, but if your going to do it at least do it right. Explosive detection swabbing?...Isn't that so last decade? If you're going to try and detect, shouldn't it be for more new age threats? I suppose I should just be happy they didn't actually open up my bag and find my stache...oh I did just reference yesterday's post...yes, I know nobody is actually reading this...well maybe the NYPD is, as part of some ongoing investigation :(

NYPD Checkpoint, Atlantic Ave Subway, Brooklyn

I need to start keeping count.
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