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Let the revolution begin...well actually it began last month, so I suppose we're a bit late to the party. But in fairness to us, No Shiz has been searching for change on our own for's now nice to have some more folks to commiserate with.

Facinating place that Zuccotti Park...It's very surreal, sort of like an anti-Disneyland. There's the camping protestors and then there's the press and interested parties roaming around photographing and interviewing the camping protestors. Just like Disneyland, there's a path you move through the site, there's lots of people and stuff to look at, and the line moves really slow. But, Occupy Wall Street is extremely well run. There's a food distribrution area, a medic corner, a library and apparently they even have their own non-violent policing system...well structured anarchy...all ages welcome.

When they outgrow their current space, hopefully they'll consider Washington Square Park for their new home, that way No Shiz can visit more often.

Occupy Wall Street, occupying Zuccotti Park, Downtown.

Yesterday's Global Day of Action in NYC from No Shiz.

Occupy Wall Street

Ah Fox News...I felt like I was transported back to highschool (or maybe even gradeschool) for a few minutes.

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Steven on 10-16-2011 09:10:51 wrote:
Great photos Mr Shiz!
shitaki on 10-16-2011 01:10:24 wrote:
Thanks man...much appreciated.

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