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Transparency v. Control

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The art thing formerly know as Choice / Control. I can only hope it may be soon nearing completion. Thanks again to OpenSeadragon Zoom, for this kind of awesome zooming api and free Deep Zoom Composer for the tiling. And thanks to the Zeigeist Movement of NYC for letting me show and talk about this in October. And thanks to the Extraenvironmentalists for letting me borrow their logo again. And thanks to Wikimedia Commons for the ability to not have to hunt down drones on my own.

Acceptance: Where did you get your beliefs?

Transparency: Snowden and the NSA

Choice: What's the deal with drug testing?...we spend billions of dollars each year trying to stop people from doing something society deems negative...what if we spent all that money helping people do something society deems positive. Operation Pipe Dreams, 10 years later.

U Must Pay / Info Acessibility: Perhaps education could be free, and parents wouldn't have to spend their life saving up to send their kids to a 'good' school, it's all the same just needs to be accessible.

We Heart Drones: You are 2,059 times more likely to kill yourself than die at the hand of a terrorist.and there's now Army on Suicide Stand Down, because solidiars are also more likely to kill themselves than die at the hand of a terrorist.

Overview Effect: The brain is accustomed to gradualness...We gradually become good, we gradually want to end violence, we gradually get less idiotic...what if it were instantaneous?...J. Krishnamurti. Overview Effect Video

Chick Killa: Eat More Kale

Control: Do No Evil.


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